There are two things that you could start doing better today that would change your life for the better. Those two things are getting healthier and becoming wealthier. Obesity is going through the roof in America. There are actually more overweight people in the world today than there are starving ones! The number of overweight people in this world is due to double by 2015. Healthcare ( *cough* disease management) costs are skyrocketing globally. The economy is on a steady decline and in the month of August we had a healthy job growth rate of zero. I remember seeing a front page headline in a major newspaper in 2010 saying Class of 2010 your not wanted. You cannot count on the corporate American rat race to get you anywhere but in the unemployment line or if your really lucky you can grow up to be a 70 your Walmart greeter. 

I have said all of that to say this, You know there is something that you need to work on over the next 3 months whether you have a few pounds you could lose or if you want to help get your blood pressure and cholesterol in check, you also know you also need to do something to secure your and your families future in this troubled economy. You can get healthier starting today by giving your body the total nutrition it needs to function optimally and you can even get paid to get healthy by joining and promoting the ViSalus Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge. And you can sleep comfortably at night knowing that you are doing something to help better yourself and the lives of others and every dollar you make would be because the only reason you got what you wanted is because you helped others get what they needed and that is the key to success. 

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