Losing weight and getting in shape doesn't have to be hard anymore. In fact you can lose weight in a fast and healthy manner now just by replacing 1 or 2 of your meals with a delicious and super nutritious shake mix that tastes like cake mix. It's called the Vi-Shape shake and it's made by ViSalus Sciences. Weight loss is so simple that in the past year people have lost a verified total of over 4 million pounds!.

The Body By Vi 90 Day challenge is the fastest growing 90 Day fitness and health challenge in North America. Over 60,000 people are joining the Body By Vi Challenge every month on average now, and every month more and more people join. They join the challenge because it works. ViSalus Sciences went from a worth of 20 million dollars to a worth or 250 million dollars in one year alone. No company grows that size without good products and positive word of mouth advertising especially in this industry.

One of the best parts about the Body By Vi 90 Day challenge is the fact that if you want you can earn a life changing income and a BMW bonus for life by promoting the challenge to people you know and online using social media and such. With the economy getting worse by the day it is the time to seriously think about starting a home business. ViSalus offers a compensation plan that few other companies can compete with.

If you would like more information about the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge contact me, Jesse Lyons at 740-469-9325 or e-mail me at jessedlyons@gmail.com or visit my website  www.ibourl.com/chz

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