Most all of us need to lose weight and get in shape. There is a very healthy, smart, simple, and easy way for people to do that now. It's called the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge! It's even possible to make a life changing income by promoting the challenge to friends, family, relatives, and fellow social media junkies , I mean buddies... yeah... 

Listen folks, this generation is going to be the first generation in recorded history that has a lower lifespan than the previous. If you want to be around long enough to see your kids grow up, or in some of your cases have kids it will be flat out necessary for you to change your evil ways folks. We live in a fast food society and everyone seems to have a fast food mentality, and all I can say is hey friends look where it has gotten us. It's gotten to where we are now. Can you believe for the first time ever the number of overweight people in the world has surpassed the number of starving ones? And the amount of overweight people is expected to double in the next 4 years alone! Add to that the fact we don't have healthcare in this country we have disease management. 20 percent of all cancer deaths are linked to obesity and 17 million of us die every year do to heart disease which has been linked to obesity. 

People need to realize that we as a nation of people need to start being more proactive as a whole instead of reactive as the vast percentage of us are in this Country. If you want to be healthy you have to take in what your body needs. I don't care if you only eat organic you are not getting the nutrients and minerals that your body needs to maintain itself properly. The soil in the farmlands of this country are completely depleted of nutrients and minerals. In order to get the nutrients that our bodies need we have to supplement. The ViSalus Vi-Shape shake that happens to be the shake mix that tastes like a cake mix not only tastes great at only 90 calories per serving but it also contains what your body needs and nothing that it doesn't. 

So anyway folks it all comes down to this, If you know for a fact that you need to lose a few pounds or more, and if everything I've said makes sense to you, even a little, than you need to go check out ViSalus Sciences and their products and then get back to me and start the first day of your 90 day challenge knowing full good and well that you will see results and you will feel better and be healthier afterwards, and maybe even wealthier and possibly be driving a free black BMW in as little as 3 months from today. 

Peace out,

Jesse Lyons
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