Losing weight can be tough, and losing weight while burning fat and building lean muscle is much, much tougher. Luckily for me I found the Visalus Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.  You see 5 months ago I just became really sick of looking at myself in the mirror one day. It came as a shock to those around me as to why I decided I had to start losing weight that very moment as I had not mentioned it before.  At 236 I was ready for a change, and hopefully a really fast one.  So I started a low carb diet and over a very long and grueling 3 months of barely eating as I could not stomach seven eggs and meat and cheese everyday I had barely lost 20 pounds! And worse yet I had stopped losing weight completely.  I was then introduced to the 90 day challenge and in the past 38 days alone I have lost 20 pounds and 17.5 total inches and have made a few hundred bucks in the process to boot!


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