Why I got back into Network Marketing

    I wasn't having much success in network marketing and had given up on it completely until I was introduced to ViSalus by one of my close friends. He approached me and was telling me about what a difference the products had made in the way that he and his wife felt after only being on them for a couple of weeks. They had both lost several pounds and he was not suffering from arthritis pain nearly as bad and his cholesterol and blood pressure had both went down. His wife who is going through "the change" was no longer having hot flashes both had been and still are taking the Vi-Pak which is a patented multi-mineral and anti-aging and energy formulation containing both antioxidants and essential oils.

    I was really impressed by that but when he started telling me about the compensation plan I knew I had to jump back on the network marketing bandwagon. ViSalus Sciences has been experiencing phenomenal growth and in one year went from a worth of 20 million dollars to over 250 million dollars! Right now as of September 2011 the company is averaging 1 million dollars in sales per day. The reason ViSalus is growing so fast is because it is a rock solid company with patented products formulated by Doctor Michael Seidman who was recently voted as being in the top 1 percent of Doctor's in his field by his colleagues.

    The ViSalus compensation plan provides weekly, monthly, and residual income streams. So if you were to join today you could have your prosperity debit card loaded with your first weekly paycheck by next Monday.  ViSalus loves customers and the refer 3 get your product free nearly does away with the disappearing auto ship phenomenon that plagues the network marketing industry. You can get up to 25% in retail commissions. And most important of all the products backed by real science are changing people's lives.

ViSalus is definitely worth the time to look into. I myself have lost almost 25 pounds and around 19 inches off of my waist, chest, and hips combined. People are already giving me double takes that haven't saw me in a month or two. I have made several hundred dollars so far promoting the 90 Day Challenge, and quite honestly even if I didn't make another cent the physical transformation alone has been so amazing that I couldn't complain all that much.

If anyone out there would like information on the ViSalus Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge visit go here or contact me by one of the methods listed below.

Jesse Lyons
e-mail: jessedlyons@gmail.com
Skype: zealousforwellness

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